Laser Treatment Visits

Department of Psychology

We are located at the northwest corner of Dean Keeton (26th Street) and Speedway Street.

Location: Seay Building, University of Texas at Austin, located at the corner of Dean Keeton (26th St) and Speedway St


Parking: Speedway Garage, located directly north of Psychology Department on Speedway Street. You can park in the garage for the duration of your visit and we will provide you with a card to allow you to exit free of charge. Please avoid parking in spaces where there’s a sign for university vehicles only.

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Duration of visit: 1 hour/week, for six consecutive weeks.


What to expect:

  • You will receive a treatment of low-level light therapy, using a low-power, FDA-cleared laser, directed at the forehead.
  • You will be provided with safety goggles (for eye protection), and asked to sit quietly for 8 minutes while the laser treatment is administered.
  • You will complete a set of computerized attention and short-term memory tests.