Andreana Haley, Ph.D

Dr. Andreana Haley

Principal Investigator


Dr. Haley received her Ph.D. degree in Clinical Psychology from the University of Virginia in 2005 after completing a pre-doctoral internship in  Neuropsychology and Rehabilitation Medicine at Eastern Virginia Medical  School.  Before joining the Clinical Psychology faculty at UT Austin, she spent  two years as a Dementia Research Fellow at Brown University, and a visiting  research fellow at the Center for Neurological Imaging at the Brigham and  Women’s Hospital in Boston.

Her research examines the biological underpinnings of cognitive impairment  associated with aging and dementia. As a clinical neuropsychologist,she is  interested in studying the neural substrates of memory, language and  executive function in clinical populations, in vivo, by utilizing functional neuroimaging (fMRI) and neurospectroscopy (1H MRS). She also conducts work to determine how disturbances in glucose metabolism, hormonal regulation, and cardiovascular functioning contribute to changes in cognition, brain morphology, and energy metabolism. Her goal is to bridge knowledge from basic and clinical neuroscience with the aim of improving how we understand, predict, and treat age- and disease-related cognitive impairment.